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Fishing Tips for First Timers

There is always a first time for everything in life and fishing is no different. Fishing is one of the most fun, exciting, and enjoyable summertime activities with your friends and family. While the professionals make it look simple, there are actually many factors involved in fishing that determine whether you would walk away with the catch of the day or going home empty handed.


Here are four useful tips for anyone who is fishing for the first time.

Proper Equipment
It is best to use a simpler rod and reel for someone with little or no previous fishing experience. Beginners should refrain from more complex reels (such as the open-faced fishing reels) because it would require more knowledge and experience to be able to successfully maneuver. The last thing you would want is for a fish to take your bait and escape because you were unable to reel it in.

Correct Knot
A properly tied knot will ensure your line will be strong, secure, and not break because of the fish. There are some knots that could be more beneficial than others depending on various circumstances. One key benefit of using the correct knot, besides having a strong connection, is that it can help swim your lure in a natural motion while flowing with the current of the water. Bass often like to face into the flow of the current when looking for food and using the correct knot can help make your lure look more appealing.

Alternating your Location
If you have not noticed any tugging or biting in your line after a reasonable amount of time, consider moving to a slightly different location to improve your results. One simple way is to cast your lure on the other side of the boat. In addition to changing your location, you could also try casting your line to the area of your left or right to see if that would change your results. You can also consider adjusting the depth level of your lure to see if you would get better results by having your lure from deeper to shallower water or vice versa.

Dressing for the Weather
The New England weather is unpredictable and could change at any given moment. It could be sunny one minute, and rainy, windy, and cold the next. Because of this, it is highly recommended to wear extra layers because the temperature out in the sea can always drop very quickly and rapidly. It is also recommended to wear boots and bring any rain gear if you have them. Make sure to tie your hair into a ponytail if you have long hair.

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