Father’s Day Fishing Trip

With Father’s Day around the corner, you may be struggling with ideas for a great present for dad this year. You don’t want to give a boring mug or whiskey set like last few times because the whiskey was gone in one day and that mug is long gone. Or that grill set from the last Father’s Day? It’s still sitting in the basement? So what could you get for dad this year that’s truly memorable and meaningful? Perhaps you might even want to outshine your and give dad the best present that he has received in a while. If you’re looking for a truly unique and one-of-a-kind experience for dad, consider joining the Cape Cod Family Fishing Charters this summer for a deep sea fishing expedition!

While many people can claim they went fishing with their fathers, only a few would be able to say they took their father fishing. Because ships has the capacity for group sizes up to 3 and 6, you may even want to bring the rest of your family along for the journey. At the end of the journey, not only are you both leaving with the catch of the day, but you’re also walking away with some striped bass, tuna, bluefish, or cod to bring home for dinner for the whole family. Who knows, perhaps this is the time to go to the basement and find that grill.

If you want to spend Father’s Day with your dad and your family fishing this summer on Cape Cod, make your reservation with Cape Cod Family Fishing Charter today. Choose between the Elizabeth B and Escape four your special day.


Father’s Day Gift Present Summer Fishing | Barnstable Cape Cod MA


Give your dad the best Father’s Day gift this summer and spend the day fishing in Barnstable. Schedule your trip with Cape Cod Family Fishing Charters today.

Fishing with Friends

Life can get overwhelming and as you grow up, it can become challenging and sometimes downright difficult to stay in touch with the people you know. As a result of being busy, we rarely see our friends in person. When we were young, everyone was always free to hang out and go play. But as we grow up and take on more and more responsibilities, we often lose touch with the people whom we shared the most fun and happiness with back in the day. Although you may put in the effort for a get together, many times there are other factors (like a rando Nor’easter), that end up ruining your arrangements. But there is hope on the horizon. With the summer approaching, the Cape Cod Family Fishing Charters has the perfect deep sea fishing trip for you your friend.


The summer is the best time of the year because it provides the most opportunities for going out and spending quality time with people and friends you have have been out of touch with. The ideal summer activity should be fun, exciting, and enjoyable for everyone invited. Consider spending a day deep sea fishing in Barnstable this summer with the Cape Cod Family Fishing Charters. What better way than to spend the day out in the summer on Cape Cod fishing with your old friends while enjoying a cold beverage? There’s the added bonus of potentially bringing some striped bass, bluefish, tuna, cod, or whatever the catch of the day is for dinner..


If you are interested in joining the Cape Cod Family Fishing Charter this summer, make your reservation today! Our trips only run from May to September. We have two charter boats that can fit up to 3 and 6 guests. Learn more about the trip and charter information.


Cape Cod Summer Fishing Friends Getaway | Barnstable Cape Cod MA


Looking for a great way to catch up with old friends in Cape Cod this summer? Make your reservation with Cape Cod Family Fishing Charters and spend a day in Barnstable.


Spend your Birthday Fishing on Cape Cod!

Finding a birthday presents can be challenging. It’s especially difficult when you have to find a different present for every single occasion. But most importantly, you want the recipient to not only love the present but also have a positive experience and memory when they reflect back on it one day. So before going out to a department store or browsing online, let the Cape Cod Family Fishing Charters help make the day memorable for that special someone by providing them the chance to experience Cape Cod out in the sea and spend the day deep sea fishing this summer.

Recent studies and research has shown that it is much more beneficial in giving an experience instead of a physical gift, especially if it’s an experience that could be shared together. The best gift is one that can convey a strong personal touch. The gift would be priceless if it has the opportunity to create new shared experiences to strengthen your bond. Giving a unique birthday gift that is also an experience helps show your level of creativity and thoughtfulness. While we may have been conditioned to expect all of our presents to be presented to us in a box, the reveal of this present would definitely be a big surprise.

Brewster MA Cape Cod Fishing Charter Barnstable Harbor

In addition to learning and fishing, you will also have the chance to potentially walk away with the catch of the day whether it be striped bass, bluefish, tuna, or cod. Not only will you get to spend quality time together but you will also get the chance to have the catch of the day as your main course for dinner.

If you’re looking for a truly memorable birthday gift and experience for someone special, consider giving them the gift of spending a day with you on either the Elizabeth B or Escape in Cape Cod this summer. Make your reservation today.

Summer Birthday Gift Present Fishing | Barnstable Cape Cod MA

Three Things To Do In Cape Cod This Summer

Cape Cod is one of New England’s top beach locations with over 40 miles of shorelines. It is home to fourteen lighthouses, the most lighthouses of any county in the country. The Pilgrim Monument, located in Provincetown, is the largest granite structure in the country. Cape Cod is also the producer of arguably some of the best potato chips in the country. While Cape Cod is most popular for its beautiful beaches and sandy shorelines, the three things you should definitely experience the next time you’re at the Cape are the food, boat tours, and fishing trips.



It may not come as a surprise but if you are at the Cape this summer, it’s a must to try out the seafood selection. There’s a huge variety of different restaurants offering a wide number of seafood options including steamed whole lobsters, clams, and mussels. Other local summer favorites include lobster rolls, fried clams, and scallops with fries or onion rings. There are also many pastries to try such as croissants, french toast, red velvet cupcakes, and the apple bear claw. You can also beat the heat and indulge in a nice summer treat with the various unique ice cream flavors you could only find at Cape Cod.


Boat Tours

While the beach and shoreline view is breathtaking, consider taking a boat tour and explore the Cape from the sea. Be sure to look out for some of the famous lighthouses spread throughout the Cape from Bourne to Provincetown, including the Nauset and Highland Lighthouse. Another option is to join a whale watch tour and get the chance to see whales, dolphins, and other aquatic lifeforms up close. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you may also consider kayaking, paddleboarding, or kitesurfing to get the full experience.


Fishing trips

If you are looking for one of the most fun, enjoyable, and memorable experiences for your friends and family this summer, consider going bay fishing with the Cape Cod Family Fishing Charters. Don’t worry if you have no previous fishing experience because Captain Bob Betti has been operating a deep sea fishing boat charter in Cape Cod for guests of all ages for over 40 years. This is one of the best summer family activities where you get the opportunity to learn about bass fishing and other aquatic life forms in the area including striped bass, bluefish, tuna, and cod. These trips are only available from May to September so make your reservation today!

Fishing Tips for First Timers

There is always a first time for everything in life and fishing is no different. Fishing is one of the most fun, exciting, and enjoyable summertime activities with your friends and family. While the professionals make it look simple, there are actually many factors involved in fishing that determine whether you would walk away with the catch of the day or going home empty handed.


Here are four useful tips for anyone who is fishing for the first time.

Proper Equipment
It is best to use a simpler rod and reel for someone with little or no previous fishing experience. Beginners should refrain from more complex reels (such as the open-faced fishing reels) because it would require more knowledge and experience to be able to successfully maneuver. The last thing you would want is for a fish to take your bait and escape because you were unable to reel it in.

Correct Knot
A properly tied knot will ensure your line will be strong, secure, and not break because of the fish. There are some knots that could be more beneficial than others depending on various circumstances. One key benefit of using the correct knot, besides having a strong connection, is that it can help swim your lure in a natural motion while flowing with the current of the water. Bass often like to face into the flow of the current when looking for food and using the correct knot can help make your lure look more appealing.

Alternating your Location
If you have not noticed any tugging or biting in your line after a reasonable amount of time, consider moving to a slightly different location to improve your results. One simple way is to cast your lure on the other side of the boat. In addition to changing your location, you could also try casting your line to the area of your left or right to see if that would change your results. You can also consider adjusting the depth level of your lure to see if you would get better results by having your lure from deeper to shallower water or vice versa.

Dressing for the Weather
The New England weather is unpredictable and could change at any given moment. It could be sunny one minute, and rainy, windy, and cold the next. Because of this, it is highly recommended to wear extra layers because the temperature out in the sea can always drop very quickly and rapidly. It is also recommended to wear boots and bring any rain gear if you have them. Make sure to tie your hair into a ponytail if you have long hair.

If you’re interested in spending the day out in the Barnstable coast this summer deep sea fishing, book your trip with Cape Cod Family Fishing Charters. Our popular Cape Cod fishing trips are only available from May to September. This is one of the best summer family activities for everyone to enjoy with the added bonus of bringing home some freshly caught tuna, bass, cod, or blue fish! Call 508-776-0350 today!

Summer Company Corporate Social Event

The warm weather is fast approaching and it’s almost time to swap the winter jacket and snow boots for some short sleeves and a nice pair of sunglasses. What better way to get out of the office than to spend a nice and warm day this summer on the Barnstable coast with your colleagues? If you are looking for a truly unique experience for your next company event, consider booking one of the corporate fishing charters offered by the Cape Cod Family Fishing Charters.

Here are four ways it which company sponsored events can be beneficial for your employees and organization.

Relaxing and Unwind
The perfect way to help employees recharge their battery and relieve stress is finding a way to combine work and play. Summer recreational activities such as spending the day in Cape Cod deep sea fishing is an excellent way to help employees relax and unwind, enjoy the summer weather, while still utilizing and improving their mental and physical focus.


Interpersonal Relationships
Company events provide the opportunity for colleagues to develop better interpersonal relationships by helping to bring everyone closer together. In addition, company events that focus on employee relationships and team building help strengthen the bond, loyalty, and relationship of everyone within the company.


Recognizing Success and Accomplishments
There is no better way to show your employees you appreciate their contribution than by providing a reward to them as a group. This is a great opportunity to celebrate and recognize the success and accomplishments of the company while still acknowledging everyone’s hard work as a team. While every employee’s contribution is crucial, it is important to be able to improve the morale and motivation of the whole team.


Employee Happiness
How often do you hear employees say “I love my job?” While compensation and benefits are important, employee happiness should never be neglected because it helps employees build long-term trust and loyalty with the organization. Employees that are happy will be less inclined to leave their employers and thus result in a lower turnover rate and a decrease in turnover cost for the company. This is very beneficial because it will help the company avoid the cost of acquiring new employees and use those resources to further grow the company.

Cape Cod Family Fishing Charters has been proudly serving the greater Barnstable area for all groups and outings. We provide the opportunity to spend a day on the Cape Cod waters on one of our charter boats catching striped bass, tuna, and bluefish! Our daily charters run for 4, 5, 6, or 8 hours. We only offer trips from May to September so make your reservation today!

Fresh Striped Bass = Great Summer Dish

The striped bass is a fish that is native to the U.S. and Canada. It is a prized fish in Massachusetts since the time of the colonial settlement and was also a common food source for the native Americans. Currently, commercial and residential fisheries take in over 170,000 striped bass each year. You would generally need a license to fish for striped bass but if you are not licensed, consider spending a day in the Barnstable Harbor with Cape Cod Family Fishing Charters this summer.


Striped bass generally weigh around 50 pounds. Although rare, some striped bass can even weigh over 100 pounds. Female striped bass are usually much larger than males. The body of a typical striped bass usually has a blue or olive colored tone with around seven horizontal stripes that run across the body.

Striped bass is an excellent food source because of its many health benefits including low calories, high protein, and a moderate level of unsaturated fat. Striped bass provides a great source of Omega-3, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and Vitamin B-12, which promotes red blood cells and improves the nervous system.


Grilling is an excellent way to cook striped bass in the summer. You can create a simple and delicious recipe by marinating the bass in lemon juice, oregano, garlic, and a little bit of oil for about 30 minutes before placing it on the grill. Other options to cook your striped bass include baking it in the oven or pan frying under medium heat.

If you are interested in the opportunity to catch your own striped bass for yourself, friends, and family to enjoy, Cape Cod Family Fishing Charters can help! Our boat charters are an excellent choice for summer friends and family activities. Make your reservation!

How About A Family Fishing Trip on Cape Cod?

One of the things we like best about what we do, is being able to meet lots of different people and to see them enjoy themselves.  Of course, being on beautiful Cape Cod makes the job easier.  With all the things to do, the beautiful beaches and many restaurants and shops, we love being here.

One of the favorite activities here on the Cape is fishing.  We pride ourselves on providing a great day trip for those looking to get out on the water and have some fun.  We get bass, stripers, tuna, bluefish … and we have lots of fun doing it.

A fishing charter is not only a great family activity, but it makes a great corporate outing, bachelor party, honeymoon adventure or just a day away. We thought we’d share some photos from past outings so you can see how much fun everybody has when the join us for a daytrip on the Cape.  Take a look at all those smiles!

Read what people are saying on Trip Advisor and Google!     You can make reservations here.

Time to get moving!!

What a long, rough winter we’ve had this year.  Record snows and cold had everybody hibernating!  But it’s May and the snow is gone and it’s getting warmer.  It’s time to get outside!

We’re itching to get back out there on the water and we want you to come with us. Whether you’re visiting Cape Cod for a week or a weekend this season, we’d love to see you!

Our charters are ready roll and we’re ready to have some fun.  Join us on the Escape or the Elizabeth B for a great day of fishing.  Stripers, tuna, bluefish … they’re all there. Give us a shout to book your trip today at 508 776-0350 or make a reservation here.


Let’s Get Out There!

Well, it’s warming up in Barnstable here on Cape Cod.  It has been one of those really, really long winters and we are so eager to enjoy the good temps and sunny days that Spring and Summer bring.

Of course, we love being out on our boats the Escape and the Elizabeth B.  We’re always thrilled when we hear from the family or small groups who have chartered with us for a day of deep sea fishing to let us know what a good time they had.  We hope that you plan on coming to visit with us this season too.  We’re already taking reservations, so if you know when you’re going to be here on the beautiful cape, reserve now!

And, when your trip is over, make sure to let us know how we did.  We’re on Yelp and Trip Advisor.  We appreciate your feedback.  Also feel free to share photos and stories on our Facebook or Google+ pages!  We like to see them.