Father’s Day Fishing Trip

With Father’s Day around the corner, you may be struggling with ideas for a great present for dad this year. You don’t want to give a boring mug or whiskey set like last few times because the whiskey was gone in one day and that mug is long gone. Or that grill set from the last Father’s Day? It’s still sitting in the basement? So what could you get for dad this year that’s truly memorable and meaningful? Perhaps you might even want to outshine your and give dad the best present that he has received in a while. If you’re looking for a truly unique and one-of-a-kind experience for dad, consider joining the Cape Cod Family Fishing Charters this summer for a deep sea fishing expedition!

While many people can claim they went fishing with their fathers, only a few would be able to say they took their father fishing. Because ships has the capacity for group sizes up to 3 and 6, you may even want to bring the rest of your family along for the journey. At the end of the journey, not only are you both leaving with the catch of the day, but you’re also walking away with some striped bass, tuna, bluefish, or cod to bring home for dinner for the whole family. Who knows, perhaps this is the time to go to the basement and find that grill.

If you want to spend Father’s Day with your dad and your family fishing this summer on Cape Cod, make your reservation with Cape Cod Family Fishing Charter today. Choose between the Elizabeth B and Escape four your special day.


Father’s Day Gift Present Summer Fishing | Barnstable Cape Cod MA


Give your dad the best Father’s Day gift this summer and spend the day fishing in Barnstable. Schedule your trip with Cape Cod Family Fishing Charters today.